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Types Of Massage Tables

In any form of massage, a massage table is very important. The more important factor which you need to think about when choosing a massage table is the comfort that it provides to the customers. You need to select the right massage table based on the type of massage that you want.

Of course, the most preferred massage tables are those which are durable and affordable to haveBut if you are just a freelancer or a massage therapist who always travel then you should choose a light and handy massage table for your convenience. Anyways the primary factor in the design of the massage tables is the customer’s comfort and convenience.
What Are The Different Types of Massage?

The type of massage table will depend of the type of massage and the techniques which will be used in the therapy. These massage types have distinction from one another. Certain massage tables should be used in each type of massage.
The Different Massage Tables for the Different types of Massage

Acupuncture is the first type of massage in which needles are used to some pressure points of the body. For acupuncture therapy, a comfortable massage table should be chosen. You should make sure that the table has thirty inches in width and three to four padding. You can also select a table with push to lock feature so that the customer can sit with crossed legs.

The table to be used with deep tissues massage should be firm so that you can penetrate to the deeper layers. If you will choose a table with too thick foam in the middle, you will end up exerting more effort when doing the massage.

For hot stone massage, you should choose heated table top. The combination of heated table top and hot stone massage is more relaxing and comfortable for your customers. However, if large stones is to be used in the massage, it is best to choose a table that is firm and with two inches foam in the middle. A table with three inches foam is good to be used if the main priority of the massage is to provide comfort.

If you want to relax, you can choose to have rieki massage. When choosing for the table for reiki massage, you should think of the size, material, and the capacity. When it comes to the dimension, reiki massage table is different. However, you should always consider the comfort of the back when lying down if you will select the table for reiki. You should also pay attention to the material which is either metal or wood.

You will experience different stroke if you will have a Swedish massage. Because of this the massage table should be stable and steady for each movement. You can choose a stationary table. That’s why a massage table is very essential in any types of massage.
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