A Brief History of Assets

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Understanding the Benefits of Asset Protection

Once you’ve managed to develop your own sum of money due to your hard work, you likely want to ensure that it stays yours forever. Many people are feeling like their money is threatened by the many tax increases under Obama. There have been big increases in federal spending lately, and that money is likely to have to come from your pockets.

As a result of many of the latest changes to tax policies and other economic problems, there is a big demand among the top earners in society to put more money in a tax avoidance account. For those who make a lot of money and contribute to society, it seems as if the tax system is completely rigged. There is a theory of economic citizenship that claims that those who make the most money are those who contribute the most to society. You have every right to ask, “What do taxes pay for?” when realize that you are contributing the most money of all. They aren’t paying for your benefits, certainly.

If you are looking to start dealing with the tricky field of tax avoidance, you’ll probably need to start with the tried-and-true concept of offshore banking. This will help you to get full-force asset protection without much extra effort on your part. There are plenty of countries around the world that have developed quite a reputation when it comes to taking money from the United States with very few questions. It’s actually possible to get citizenship in certain countries that will make your offshore banking efforts even easier to do. Although most people are most familiar with the use of Swiss banks for offshore banking, other countries also have opportunities.

There are many countries out in the Caribbean region who have been making great strides toward developing a great offshore banking system for the world. When you are looking for asset protection, it can often be a great idea to look into citizenship in other countries. You might be quite surprised at just how easy it can be to receive your Antigua citizenship when you think about it. There will be a few forms for you to fill out, a couple of simple background checks, and a few signatures; once you’ve done this, you’ll be a citizen.

It is much the same story when you look at getting St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship. Any of these types of Caribbean nations will be excited about the prospect of getting new people getting into their country for the purposes of tax avoidance, and you should expect a warm welcome.
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