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Why SEO Needs Sitemap Generators

What sitemap generators do is link all of your website links and pages together for it to be accessible in the search for visitors as well as engine crawlers. The page’s layout is naturally organized in some certain way.

An XML or and HTML are the two most common sitemap format.

So what are the importance of having a sitemap?

The following reasons are important:

For starters, it would be way easier for web users to navigate through your site. The reason for this is because all of the routes as well as the direction of the navigation is very precise and clear as well.

The sitemap will allow you to keep your visitors up to date with your site and it makes a very good advantage over SEO purposes as well. For updates, the sitemap will automatically generate a new post to put up in your site.

Having a sitemap will allow easier communication with search engines namely Bing, Google, and Yahoo.
It will also allow you to figure out which ones in your site should not be included in the indexing. The map installed on your site will also help your visitors navigate and tell them where to go as well.

Basically an XML is a document with a certain structure so as to type in a full URL on a document in the XML as long as they see it. It is important that you use this XML because it allows you to know which pages are in your site, which of them are related and important with each other, and how often you keep on updating it as well.

With the help of the HTML and using a typical web page browser, your users and crawlers will be able to fully find content in your site. Each subpage that you already have need not be used anymore.

With the XML document images, search engines will allow you to display some images form your website to the search results of the search engine. On top of that, related information regarding the images on your website will also be placed there as well. It will also allow Google to search for the images that do not normally come up when used with regular crawling.

Having great images is indeed a very important factor to a lot of websites as well as with search engines. With that, the images that you consider most important will then be chosen for your site and the search engine results.

Videos, same as images, are as important since it is embedded in your website and it stands as a very important element in the whole search results.
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