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Origins Of The Chef Hat, Pants, And Coat

Like any other employee in this working world, chefs are also assigned with the responsibility of donning themselves with the required uniform that is required of them by their employers. Most often than not, the chef you most commonly see on TV and in restaurants would be wearing his chef hat, a clean double-breasted chef coat, and baggy pants to close the deal. Though this uniform has been around for quite some time now, still there are not many chefs who get to see the point and reflection in wearing this exact style or kind of uniform when on duty. But if you read on, you will soon find out that the origin of this unique sense of style and clothing would be as equally fascinating as the design itself.

So the first thing that would be nice to know is that the coat of the chef was originally designed and developed in order to accommodate several functions at once. For instance, the design of the double-breasted coat of the chef was made to provide two essential fonts to the coat. So to speak, this would function as a back-up cover just in case the other one gets soiled, then it cold easily be tucked it beneath the other to expose a clean side. With this function, the chef wouldn’t have to change that much while still being able to use as much of the coat as he would need to. On top of all that, the layers of cotton made in this coats would provide as a layer of protection against the hot temperatures forming from the ovens as well as from the cooking tops and pots that are currently in use.

When it comes to the pants of the chef, it was made to resist the staining that they all too often encounter in the kitchen, after all, black pants don’t have as much tendency of being noticed when they become stained. A for the fit of these pants, the baggy ones are the ideal ones in order for them to walk freely around in faster paces. And for a breezier and a lot more comfortable feel, they are made in cotton.

As for the chef’s hat, it was not made to crate a unique statement in the fashion industry. Actually, these hats or also known as the torque, as designed in order to prevent the chef’s hair from falling into the food that they are preparing. While baseball caps are certainly not allowed in the kitchen, hairnets are also discouraged because it is aesthetically unpleasing.

Sometimes the uniform really says it all considering the fact that a chef dressed in clean and complete uniform would really make you trust him more compared to someone in dirty garb and untidy overall look.
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