Why No One Talks About Music Anymore

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Music Education and Why it is Needed in Schools

Cutbacks are a big part of life now that we live in a country with a struggling economy. In the school programs that are offered, music is slowly being weeded out. Classes that aren’t part of the core curriculum are the first to go when a school is cutting back. It is critical to a child’s development to take these other courses and learn more than just the bare minimum. What is happening now is that only the children who are wealthy enough to purchase afterschool music education get to experience the benefits that come with it. Organizations are being created to give children access to music and the arts that are being cut from schools across the country.

Later on in their lives, children who have learned to read sheet music and play musical instruments have had a distinct advantage. Being able to do better in math and being able to play a musical instrument have been proved to be linked. Children that can pay for the private classes should not be the only ones who get the extra benefits of music schooling.

There are a lot of groups that support the importance of music education, one such groups is the American Music Conference, or AMC. The American Music Conference is supported by many prominent musicians and even actors and actresses. A big music event is held yearly by the American Music Conference to get more people to realize the importance of music education in schools.

Music education in schools is supported by small groups as well as large groups. An example would be the Music Friends, and it is a group of parents that supported music in their area. One of the oldest groups that support music schooling is the National Association for Music Education, and they are still working with groups such as the Music Friends to give children music education. Schools should recognize music as a core subject, and not cut it from the curriculum because of the No Child Left Behind Act.

All organizations that are working to get music education back in schools are trying to convey the same message. When making cutbacks it is important to consider how much music can help sutdents, especially the younger ones. No matter how wealthy a child’s parents are, they should still have the opportunity to have access to music education.

We do not realize how much music education helps with our children. To make sure children in the future get the same access to music education that we did it is important to make your opinions known. Music education is very beneficial to children because it helps them with other subjects, and a lot of schools do not realize this fact.
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