Wood windows and doors from Desmond Industries

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Wood windows

wood windows from Desmond Industries

Our quality wood windows begin with only the highest grades of clear, close grain Douglas fir from the interior of British Columbia. Douglas fir is widely used in windows and doors for several reasons:

  • Dimensionally stable
  • Excellent nail holding ability
  • Weathers well and readily accepts paints and stains
  • Close wood grain is unsurpassed among softwood species for aesthetic appeal

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  • "Truth" lever locks
  • Removable sash
  • Pliable foam core weather strip*
  • Glued/pinned mortise and tenon joints on full 1 5/8" thick sash
  • 1 3/8" thick rabbetted jamb caulked, stapled and screwed at corners


  • Double weather stripping (one on sash, one on jamb)
  • "Truth" roto operators with sash locks
  • One-piece jambs
  • Pre-finishing with Timber-Pro water-based urethane or your choice of finish
  • Low E glass (see below)

wood windows

Grids can be added to enhance the look of the windows. The types include:

  • Removable wood grids
  • Internal grids (between the glass panes)
  • True divided lite (separate glass panes)

A wide variety of glazing options are available. For example, energy efficient softcoat Low "E" glass coupled with argon gas in the sealed unit airspace is a popular choice for customers who want both comfort and long-term energy savings. Cardinal softcoat LowE (Website: www.cardinalcorp.com) and American flat glass softcoat LowE are currently available. Low E glass will improve the performance of your windows. This coating improves the rate of solar heat gain/loss thru the glass, resulting in a more comfortable home and energy savings.


There is a standard 10=year sealed unit warranty against air leakage. Leaky sealed units will typically mist up between the glass panes. Warranty is limited to replacement of glass.

All Desmond Windows and Doors windows have been tested and exceed CAN/CSA-A440-M90 window standard. This is the standard put forth by the B.C. building code. Windows are tested and graded under controlled laboratory conditions in several performance areas. These include:

  • Push strength and stiffness
  • Air/water tightness
  • Wind load
  • Forced entry resistance
  • Thermal resistance of the frame material

wood windows

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